Clarify Your Web Presence

Make sure your website is doing the best job of promoting your services. The Clarify Your Web Presence Course will include:

  • A self-assessment to get you clear on your ideal clients and services
  • Creating and optimizing key pages on your website
  • Showcasing your success with a portfolio
  • Pricing and packaging your services

Student review: "I love how you’ve put this program together. It’s given me guidance, focus and resources that will enable me to grow my businesses with confidence using content."

This is a self-paced course. See the full course outline below, or buy now.

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Module 1Getting clarity on clients
Unit 1Self-assessment Q1 - your career vision
Unit 2Self-assessment Q2, Q3 - topics and knowledge
Unit 3Self-assessment Q4 - Your niche
Unit 4Self-assessment Q5 - target audience
Module 2Create or optimize your website
Unit 1Get started with your website
Unit 2Your home page
Unit 3SEO
Unit 4Your about page
Unit 5Services: Work out your offer
Unit 6Your contact page
Unit 7Got a website already? Try these tasks
Module 3Create or update your portfolio
Unit 1Collect links or skills
Unit 2Create a portfolio/testimonial page on your site
Unit 3Create an external portfolio
Unit 4Create another online portfolio
Unit 5Got a portfolio already?
Module 4Price/package your services
Unit 1Brainstorm prices for core services
Unit 2How do you value your writing or services?
Unit 3Hourly rate or project rate?
Unit 4How to price for something completely new
Unit 5How to raise your rates
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